Nofri has made a name for itself.
Since 1973.

Nofri GmbH is an insurance broker with conviction and passion, which is why the company has been successful for more than forty years. Nofri GmbH was founded in 1973 by Wolfgang Nofri. To date, the Nofri GmbH has a good reputation concerning insurance solutions for companies at home and abroad.

The company has its headquarters in Neuss and a branch in Berlin. Nofri offers insurance advice in commercial trade and industry, property portfolios, as well as occupational and private provision. Of course, the corresponding solutions are individually tailored to your needs.

Profit from specialized teams.
Everytime and everywhere.

At Nofri’s, almost forty employees, in five highly-qualified teams, are concerned with providing the ideal support for their clients. These teams form expert groups in order to respond to all needs. Highly-specialized lawyers and experts are always at hand to assist each team. There are separate teams for topics like the private and occupational pension provisions. Nofri can advise you on and oversee all five implementation options of the German Company Pensions Act. Included in the portfolio are also actuarial solutions concerning organizational and industrial law within the implementation of supply solutions.

The Nofri financial services company mbH is the competent partner for financing and investment; also beyond the insurance industry. The Nofri GmbH not only offers this comprehensive service in Germany but of course also internationally, e.g. for companies with branches or production facilities abroad. For this purpose, there is a partnership with the international network HWI with an almost worldwide cover. Of course in the event of damage or emergency, Nofri can be reached from everywhere, at every day of the year and at any time, day or night.